December’s blog featured the many benefits of chlorophyll— the ‘magical green pigment.’ We talked about the benefits of a chlorophyll-rich diet, and how it plays a part in curbing hunger, combating carcinogens, and rebuilding compromised cells. We also shared that any green vegetable or fruit is a great way to get in the powerful pigment. Now we’re taking that a bit further….with a look into the power of WHEATGRASS!

Wheatgrass is a bright green plant and, while it looks a lot like the grass you’d find in your front yard, it is actually the young sprouts of the common wheat plant triticum aestivum. You can use  wheatgrass as a powder, but the best way to enjoy the benefits of wheatgrass is to juice it into a wheatgrass shot.

Wheatgrass is likely the most efficient way to get your fill of chlorophyll, but it has so many more benefits! While it plays a part in the super important task of detoxifying and rebuilding cells that have been damaged by free radicals, that’s not something you can necessarily feel the benefits of on a daily basis. Instead of going into medical intricacies of what’s happening inside your body, let’s talk about benefits that you’ll notice daily!

  1. TEETH – The natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of wheatgrass have been shown to prevent tooth decay and cavities, plus it can help whiten and strengthen your teeth!
  2. SKIN – Studies have shown that wheatgrass has the ability to speed up the recovery of skin wounds when applied topically. In addition, dabbing wheatgrass on the skin can help with acne breakouts, healing sunburns, and even dandruff!
  3. TASTE – ingesting wheatgrass helps balance your body’s pH levels and satisfy your body’s nutritional needs. When this happens, you may notice that you’re no longer craving unhealthy, sugary, processed good! Instead, your palette will learn to appreciate subtle, natural flavors.
  4. MOOD – wheatgrass is packed with iron, which can have a big impact on brain function, including mental clarity, energy, and mood. Being less fatigued will help you have a better day!
  5. BODY ODOR – as a result of wheatgrass’ ability to improve digestion, you may notice that your sweat doesn’t smell quite as bad after a good workout. Improved digestion helps clear out dietary fats that may cause you to smell.

Don’t these 5 big benefits sounds great?! It’s easy to get your daily fix of wheatgrass. Just stop by any Urban Juicer location to see how a wheatgrass shot can improve your every day life, and let us know which improvements to your health you love most!


Sean joined The Urban Juicer team in 2016. He enjoys hiking, playing tennis, and being by the water (lake, ocean, name it). Sean has always been careful to practice good nutrition, and can frequently be spotted eating baby spinach straight from the box. But don't worry-- he loves a good ice cream cone, too! Sean hopes to provide practical advice that may help you along your path to a healthier life.

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