Few ingredients raise eyebrows more than hemp protein. After all, when we think of hemp, we tend to think of the psychedelic properties offered by the plant that it comes from. If you’re interested in getting the supreme benefits of this nutritional powerhouse however, you don’t have to worry about hemp protein. It has no mind altering effects, and is a wealth of nutrition, pure and simple.


As most vegans and vegetarians know, it is extremely hard to get a complete protein from plants. Hemp protein contains all 20 amino acids, including all 9 essential amino acids. This is almost unheard of in the plant world. Even the plants we tend to think of as protein sources aren’t complete, including beans and lentils. It’s also considered a quality source, because the proteins are easily absorbed into the body—not always the case with plant based proteins.


Omega-3 fatty acids can do wonders for many common health problems. They can improve the quality of your hair and there’s some evidence it may even help reverse hair loss. This isn’t just a perk for men either, women often lose their hair after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Not only can hemp protein keep their hair looking great, it also has an impressive amount of DHA which is great for developing brains.


We often don’t appreciate just how important fiber is to our bodies—or how little we get of it in western diets. Fiber helps cleanse our digestive tract, feed the friendly bacteria in our guts, and may reduce our risk of cancer. Despite being indigestable to us, it performs a full range of services for our body that can’t be gotten anywhere else.


When we think of strong bones and teeth, we typically think of calcium, however magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in our body, and is critical for bone health. It does many other things besides take care of our bones too, such as helping our muscles relax and keeping our immune systems healthy. 

That being said, up to 80% of Americans don’t get enough magnesium in their diet, and those who do don’t always get it from a natural source. Some studies have found that magnesium supplements are hard on the kidneys, which makes getting your magnesium from a plant source, like hemp, a much better idea.


All these potential benefits don’t mean much if your body isn’t capable of extracting the nutrients. Luckily, hemp protein is one of the most digestable plant proteins out there, with up to 98% of the protein being absorbable by the body. If you’re looking for a truly great super food to add to your regimen, try hemp protein. The benefits of this superfood is far reaching, and its delicious, nutty flavor can add depth to your food, or a tasty note to your smoothies. Take advantage of all the nutrition this food has to offer and include a little hemp protein in your diet.







Heather has been in Nashville almost two years and has found every single taco place there is. You can most likely find her out paddle boarding with her husband, hiking or snuggling with her two dogs. She has a passion for health and wellness and hopes this blog gives you the information you need to step up your health game!

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