Happy 2018, Nashville! If you’re anything like me, you’re using the New Year to get back on track with some goals that you lost track of in 2017. Whether your goals are relational, financial, or habitual, I know they can be hard to accomplish! Some of the most popular new year’s resolutions revolve around the very general goal of “getting healthy”. These kinds of goals are some of the most difficult to keep. That’s because they require a lifestyle change. In addition to tweaking a routine or habit, health-based resolutions mean changing one’s mindset. Going into 2018, The Urban Juicer is even more excited about and committed to our mission of “Making Healthy Easy” for the Nashville community. By providing delicious and nutritious meals in a quick and friendly way, we’re striving to take the burden out of living healthy. Further…since we recognize that nutritious eating is just one piece…