Can you believe the holiday season is already upon us?! This is the happiest time of year, but for many of us, it can also be the busiest. I know that’s true for me. Between end-of-year deadlines, holiday get-togethers with lots of (unhealthy) food, and late-night shopping, the festivities are often mixed with an unhealthy dose of frenzy!

It’s times like these that we neglect to take care of our bodies. Lack of sleep and poor nutrition can weaken the immune system, which often results in sickness. The last thing anybody wants during the holidays is a nasty cold— now is the time to build yourself up so that your body is ready to fight back!

The Urban Juicer can help you prepare for (or recover from…) this busy season. Completing our 3-Day juice cleanse is like pushing a mental and physical ‘reset’ button for your body. Cleansing provides you with the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed for your body to heal and rebuild. As your body repairs itself, you may experience enhanced mental clarity and increased energy; two of the greatest benefits of cleansing!

If you’re thinking a ‘reset’ could definitely do you good, take advantage of The Urban Juicer’s Cyber Monday sale! The first 50 people to place an online order for a 3-Day Cleanse receive 30% Off. That’s $40 Off!

The Urban Juicer Team wishes you a happy and healthy holiday season!

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