Happy 2018, Nashville!

If you’re anything like me, you’re using the New Year to get back on track with some goals that you lost track of in 2017. Whether your goals are relational, financial, or habitual, I know they can be hard to accomplish! Some of the most popular new year’s resolutions revolve around the very general goal of “getting healthy”. These kinds of goals are some of the most difficult to keep. That’s because they require a lifestyle change. In addition to tweaking a routine or habit, health-based resolutions mean changing one’s mindset.

Going into 2018, The Urban Juicer is even more excited about and committed to our mission of “Making Healthy Easy” for the Nashville community. By providing delicious and nutritious meals in a quick and friendly way, we’re striving to take the burden out of living healthy. Further…since we recognize that nutritious eating is just one piece of the ‘healthy’ puzzle, we’re stepping up our relationship with our premier fitness partners— City Fit Concierge. We believe that when it comes to overall health, nutrition needs exercise, and exercise needs nutrition.

Ryan Hartman, Co-owner of City Fit, helps provide perspective on the relationship between nutrition and fitness when it comes to comprehensive wellness:

“If you aren’t eating a balanced, healthy diet on a regular basis, the foods you consume right before and after a workout aren’t going to do much good to achieve your goals. Now, if you have good baseline nutrition, proper pre- and post-workout food can take you up another level.”

City Fit’s Founder, Derrick Billups, shares how The Urban Juicer helps fill the gaps when his schedule inhibits fulfilling his strict dietary needs.

“Yes, even fitness professionals struggle with NUTRITION. My schedule is crazy, most times it’s 15-hour days and I don’t always have meal prep time or time to sit and cook a quality dinner or snack, but NO EXCUSES. The Urban Juicer makes it easy and convenient for me to maintain that healthy lifestyle with its million and one creative healthy options. Yes, City Fit Concierge has a strong partnership with the The Urban Juicer, but aside from that they provide convenience, knowledge and quality that I would seek out regardless. I enjoy representing their products around town because I believe in what they provide & they are actively getting the CITY FIT!!”

To kick-off the new year, we’re leveraging our relationship with City Fit to help give you and your 2018 resolutions a jump start. For a limited time, all 3-day juice cleanse orders will receive a free $25 gift card to The Urban Juicer, plus a special offer from the City Fit team! Whether you’d benefit from a comprehensive health coaching session with City Fit’s certified health coach, or you’re ready for your first personal training session, enjoy very special pricing just for our cleanse customers!

We hope that this special offer will help you by “Making Healthy Easy” this year! Learn more about the details of this offer by clicking here, and purchase your cleanse here.

*Offer valid for a limited time. Gift cards can only be used for in-store purchases. Gift cards may not be used to purchase cleanses.

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