LevelUp, the company that manages The Urban Juicer mobile app, groups your mobile transactions into a single monthly bill to help reduce payment processing fees. We have opted to use monthly billing so that the money we save on processing fees can get passed back to you as rewards!

In some cases, your transactions might be settled earlier than your monthly billing date. Which we understand can be a bit confusing, so LevelUp is changing its early settlement policy to help you better anticipate when you’re likely to be charged early. LevelUp will continue to bundle your transactions and charge your card on your monthly billing date. LevelUp will charge your card early only when your transaction value reaches $150. After this one-time charge, they’ll return to a monthly billing schedule. This happens in an effort to combat fraud and keep your account safe.

Here’s an example: In the first month, John Smith buys $45 in juice and is charged $45 on his billing date on the 10th. During the second month, he spends $155 in the first 10 days. Because his last transaction brought his total higher than $150, he is charged the $155 early. He then spends another $34 before the 9th of that month, and he is charged $34 on his regular billing date of the 10th. His total charges still match his $189 in purchases, but they’re split into two charges instead of one.

We hope that clearly communicating this change will make it easier for you to predict when charges are taken out. If you have any questions, please contact support@thelevelup.com or info@theurbanjuicer.com.