About Us

Who we are


At The Urban Juicer, we want you to leave feeling good. That’s why our food, juices and smoothies are designed to nourish you from the inside out. We strive to be the best so that you can feel the best.


Locally Made

If Nashville locals are referred to as “Unicorns”, The Urban Juicer is one big unicorn franchise. Local from the start, our founders knew that wholesome healthy food, drinks and snacks were just what Nashville needed. Urban Juicer is proud to be locally owned and operated - your favorite neighbor!


Locally Sourced

Never think twice or worry about where your juice came from. The Urban Juicer sources local ingredients and supports local farmers whenever we can. Sourcing local produce is better for the environment, our local economy, and your body.


Locally Loved

Voted best Juice bar in Nashville Scene’s “Best of Nashville” awards, we know how to make a good juice… or smoothie… or salad! There’s so much to love about The Urban Juicer that it’s no secret why locals count on us to make them feel good all year round.

The Urban Juicer

Cleanse Your Body, Mind, And Soul


Cleansing boasts a laundry list of benefits, but which cleanse is right for you and your specific needs? At The Urban Juicer, it’s our job to help you figure that out. Whether you’re looking to purify with a one day cleanse or invigorate your system with three days of juicy goodness, there is a cleanse for you. The combination of fresh juice for energy, nut milk to curb cravings and boosters to kick your cleanse into high gear will have you feeling like a superhero.

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