The Urban Juicer + Eatery is a Nashville-based, fast-casual, wellness brand that sells fresh juices, smoothies and food at five locations throughout the Metropolitan Nashville area.

Not exactly, we use commercial grade high quality juicers in our stores, these centrifugal juicers spin at a much slower rpm and protect the enzymes and nutrients much more efficiently. For our cold press juices we use a true hydraulic juice press. It is a single layer cold press juicer. We slowly grind our produce and then even more slowly apply thousands of pounds of pressure without the use of heat to insure that you are getting all the enzymes and nutrients possible from your Urban Juicer juice.

No, we press the milks from our cashews and nuts and add UJ alkaline water to get the perfect consistency. This makes for a great milk with no dairy used. If you are lactose intolerant then you will love our protein dense, tasty nut milks!

With HPP, our cold-pressed juices are hermitically sealed, bottled and then dropped into a high-pressure, cold-water bath that kills all the possible pathogens in the juice. The HPP process can apply up to 87,000 pounds of water pressure per inch (PSI) – that is equal to the bottom of the ocean.

The number one reason is to extend the shelf life of our cold-pressed juices. With cold-pressed HPP (High Pressure Processing), we extend the shelf life to more than 30 days. The juice is still healthy, with no preservatives and no artificial ingredients, and full of the vitamins and minerals people seek to maintain their health. We are also able to significantly reduce food waste!

No. The HPP process maintains the same fresh, delicious taste that are the signature of The Urban Juicer products. Also, the color and texture of the juice is maintained.

Yes! HPP allows us to make a safer product, free of the spoilage microorganisms that may make a person sick if the “raw” juice is past its expiration date. Through HPP, bacteria, yeast and mold – many of the common reasons for food spoilage – are eliminated, producing safer juice without chemicals or heat.

We sure do! We offer your choice of a 1 day or 3 day cleanse. The cleanses include juice and The Urban Juicer boosters for each day of the cleanse and thorough instructions to guide you through the cleanse. It is a great way to reset your body and get on track for living a healthy lifestyle.

At this time, cleanse purchases do not earn points on our rewards platform. However, The Urban Juicer app will allow you to receive points for those purchases.

We are now distributing our bottled juices to local businesses for resale. If you would like to partner with The Urban Juicer and offer our products at your business, contact tamara@theurbanjuicer.com and we’ll get you set up. We want to spread the juice love!

We source from sustainable growers and local farms whenever possible to insure the freshest products possible and supplement with top grade produce from the best farms across the country depending upon the season.

Our produce is not strictly organic, although we do buy organic whenever possible. Unfortunately, the current cost of organic produce would not allow us to serve juice to our customers at the affordable price that we do. What we do promise is that you will always get the best quality and the freshest produce available. We triple wash all of our produce with our UJ Alkaline water.

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