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Refund and Returns Policy

For ALL 3-day cleanse pick-ups: The most optimal time to pick up your cleanse is your originally scheduled pick-up day. Following that day, The Urban Juicer will hold your cleanse for 1 additional day. After that, we can no longer guarantee the freshness of your juice. If a cleanse is not picked up during this time frame, your card will automatically be issued a refund for your purchase minus a $60.09 restocking fee.

Re-scheduling policy: You may cancel or re-schedule any cleanse order by calling our cleanse department at 1-855-90JUICE. 24-hour notice is ALWAYS required for canceling or rescheduling.

There are no refunds or returns for shipped and/or picked-up products. However, we do stand behind our juices, so if we made a mistake, we’d do what we can to correct it.